The Halo Works Ltd


Trevor Millard
Address: 43 Ambleside Road
GU18 5TA
Tel: 01276 477445
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The Halo Works is a research-led consultancy with a reputation for the forensic accuracy of its insight. We have helped blue-chip corporates, SME’s as well as public sector organisations meet major challenges, and in over 20 years’ experience we have yet to encounter a dilemma that has proved insoluble.
We believe that people matter and that the best processes support people. Organisations follow their measures, the benchmarks that gauge their performance. By focusing on how people think and feel, rather than on processes and transactions, we ensure those measures are aligned with the organisation’s aims, their big visions and aspirations.

Our unique philosophy has worked for global groups with £1bn+ turnovers, the public sector and entrepreneurial businesses looking for growth. That track record means we can guarantee a successful outcome to any assignment we undertake.