Facts about Lightwater

From the 2001 census, Lightwater had a:

Population of 6,961, of which 3,404 were female and 3,287 were male
88% of all properties were owner occupied
Population density of 16 people per hectare
Out of 354 administrative areas in England, in the index of multiple deprivations, Surrey Heath was 353rd, making it the second least deprived in the whole of England.

Age profile of Lightwater residents in 2001 Census

Age %
Aged 0-4 years 6.10
Aged 5-15 years 14.24
Aged 16-19 years 4.04
Aged 20-44 years 36.03
Aged 45-64 years 27.08
Aged 65 years and over 12.51

Home Office Crime Statistics

In the 2005-6 Crime statistics published by the Home Office, the county of Surrey had the lowest crime rate, making it the safest county in England and Wales, and within Surrey, Surrey Heath had the 3rd lowest crime rate.

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